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Bring Your Product Design to Life

Beautiful and simple product design is what makes us tick. Bring us your idea and let us put our artists and engineers to work for you. You’ll enjoy the product development process!
Our designs have received attention from Uncrate, Thrillist, Curbed, Fast Co, Dog Milk, Yanko Design, and more.

 ZGD Shedquarters

ZGD Shedquarters

Our innovations cover many industries including aerospace applications, consumer products, food service appliances, outdoor gear, healthcare, home furnishings, pet products and anything else you can throw at us! We keep it simple for our clients. Our firm is a one stop shop where we seamlessly push a client's idea from concept ideation through to marketing and mass production. With our scalable network of designers, engineers, and manufacturers, we offer a lean and affordable solution to new product development for small startups or large corporations. 

We welcome all project inquiries. You can fill out the contact form below or call us at 404.401.7550.


TJX // HomeGoods
Giles Foodservice Equipment
General Motors
Scientific Separations
Ratio Product Lab
GAL Aerospace
Screendoor Studio
Techject, Inc. 
Over the Bars Companies
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